DFW's Trusted Leader in Mold Remediation & Water Damage, Since 1976

DFW's Trusted Leader in Mold Remediation & Water Damage, Since 1976

Mike T Flower Mound TX

Testimonial from Mike T. in Flower Mound, TX

"Friday, June 26, 2015 and the 13 months that followed will be forever etched in my mind. My home in Flower Mound was struck by lightning, not once but three times during a storm that fateful evening, which resulted in a near total loss. As one might imagine the loss of personal property and a place to call home was devastating. By the grace of a higher power no one was at home at the time.

Shortly after, without having much time to take in the full magnitude of the catastrophe, I became inundated with insurance issues, repair companies and a multitude of choices to make. Having been a prior customer of Dalworth Restoration for a much smaller project years earlier the choice for me was simple. Instinct suggested to me to go with what and whom I was most familiar with. It was shortly therafter that I was introduced to your project manager, Ken Archer.

Ken immediately established himself as my single conduit into a process that I had little to no experience with. It was going to take time, lots of time, patience, collaboration and quick decision making. Above all, it was going to require trust. In a time of uncertainty I had no other choice but to rely on faith and prayer that in my best interest Ken Archer would lead me through the journey ahead.

Without going into the munutia of detail and instances I would like to summarize for you my overall customer experience. In short and in no uncertain terms, there is no better than Ken Archer. Ken's experience, project management skills, work ethic and confidence quickly proved to me I was on the right path. I like to believe we worked well together during the course of the project and the manny changes that were made (at my discretion) from the original scope of work. Ken and I are both believers of the "do what you say you're going to do" and "any job worth doing is worth doing right" concept, which I'm confident, helped develop the mutual respect that served as the foundation of our working partnership.

As I write this I am three weeks back into my home. With a few more items remaining on the punch list I felt it was prudent, at this time, to share with you my gratitude for Dalworth Restoration and for Ken Archer. I would also like to extend that gratitude to two of Ken's right-hand men, Carlos and Alfredo. These two hard working individuals were silent heroes throughout my year-long restoration. They never complained and always performed their tasks thoroughly with the highest quality of integrity.

I'm grateful for having gone through this experience. I wouldn't wish a similar circumstance upon anyone but I believe my journey has been a special one. It has put me in contact with some wonderful people within and outside the Dalworth organization. The personal belongings that have been lost forever have since been replaced with new treasures within my heart that will remain with me forever. No fire will ever take that away from me.

In closing, please know that each evening I sleep comfortably knowing my new home was built by your team of professionals. It's no longer a Drees home, it's a Dalworth hime. You just can't put a price on that."


Mike T.


Description of work: fire restoration, construction, rebuild, dry wall repair, painting and plastering.

DFW's Trusted Leader
in Mold Remediation & Water Damage,
Since 1976

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